Orthotics refer to devices that are designed to support, align, prevent, or correct musculoskeletal abnormalities and improve the overall function of the body. These devices are often used to address issues related to the feet, ankles, and lower limbs, but they can also be designed for other parts of the body.

The primary purposes of orthotics include:

  1. Support and Alignment:
    Orthotics provide support to the feet, ankles, and other joints, helping to maintain proper alignment. This is particularly important for individuals with conditions such as flat feet or high arches, which can lead to imbalances and strain on the body.
  2. Reduction of Pain and Discomfort:
    Orthotic devices can help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with various musculoskeletal conditions. They can distribute pressure more evenly, reduce stress on certain areas, and promote a more natural gait.
  3. Correction of Biomechanical Issues:
    Some people have biomechanical issues, such as overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot) or supination (insufficient inward rolling of the foot). Orthotics can be designed to correct these issues and improve overall biomechanical function.
  4. Prevention of Injuries:
    Orthotics can be used preventively to reduce the risk of injuries, especially in individuals who engage in physical activities or have specific anatomical vulnerabilities. They can provide additional support and stability, reducing the likelihood of overuse injuries.
  5. Accommodation of Structural Deformities:
    For individuals with structural deformities or abnormalities, such as bunions or hammertoes, orthotics can be customized to accommodate these conditions and improve comfort and function.
  6. Enhancement of Performance:
    Athletes may use orthotics to enhance their performance by improving biomechanics, reducing fatigue, and preventing injuries related to repetitive stress.
  7. Rehabilitation Support:
    Following an injury or surgery, orthotics may be used as part of the rehabilitation process to provide support, stabilize joints, and aid in the recovery of normal function.

Orthotics are custom-made and are prescribed and fitted by healthcare professionals, such as chiropodists or podiatrists, to ensure proper effectiveness and comfort.

Children Out growth program:

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