What is a Chiropodist?
A Chiropodist is the Canadian equivalent of a Podiatrist. We are licensed to assess, treat, and manage disorders of the foot, ankle and leg. Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the highest trained foot specialists practicing in Ontario.

Is my treatment covered by OHIP or IFH?
No, chiropody treatments are not OHIP or IFH eligible. However, like dental and massage, most extended health and workplace insurance plans reimburse chiropody treatments. ODSP, Social Services, and Veterans Affairs may cover chiropody treatments as well. Insurance receipts are provided.

Do we offer direct billing:
We do NOT offer direct billing through our clinic. If you have any form of supplement coverage for Chiropody services, you will be provided with appropriate receipt follow payment for any services received. You can then use your receipt for reimbursement according to your supplemental coverage guidelines.

Will my treatment hurt?
Most treatments are performed painlessly. For instance, nail bracing is a pain-free non-surgical therapy for ingrown nails, and foot mobilisation technique is a gentle, hands-on therapy for foot and leg pain.

Do I need a referral from a doctor?
Referrals are not necessary. Just call the clinic directly for an appointment.

How do you clean your tools?
All Chiropodists must adhere to strict infection control guidelines set out by the College of Chiropodists. We at the Bloor West Foot Clinic use steam sterilization (autoclave) to provide the highest level of disinfection of our foot and nail instruments.

Accessibility Info?
Our clinic is located on the 2nd floor of our building accessible by stairs and railing. There is no elevator or chair-lift access.

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