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Nail Bracing

Ingrown toenails, also know as onychocryptosis, can be extremely painful and can lead to dangerous infections. Many people suffer from ingrown nails on an ongoing basis due to involution, a condition in which the nail edges curve deep into the corners of the toes.

While careful trimming can provide relief, the pain often returns as the nail grows back. Toenail removal surgery can provide long term relief, but is not always a good option for many people.

Custom nail bracing permanently treats ingrown nails by correcting the nail shape.

Nail bracing is a painless procedure that involves fitting the nail with a medical grade steel wire that gently lifts the nail edges away from the skin. Over time, the nail braces will guide the nails to grow straight and flat, a bit like orthodontic braces straighten out teeth. Most people experience immediate relief once the brace is placed, and after treatment is finished, most will never experience an ingrown nail again. The brace is small and discreet, and will not affect your footwear, activities or lifestyle. You can even continue to paint your toenails.

Nail braces are a great option for children, diabetics, people who are nervous about needles or surgery or anyone concerned about losing their nails to surgery.


Onyfix nail correction system is evidence-based, pain-free and provides rapid pain relief associated with ingrown toenails. Onyfix corrects the nail through physiological nail growth without exerting a force on the toenail. There are no restrictions after application (e.g. swimming) after treatment, and you can still use toenail polish. For an alternative ingrown toenail treatment option, book an appointment today to have Onyfix help correct your toenails naturally.

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